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Site Based Decision Making Team

The School-Based Decision-Making Council is a vital part of the administration and management of Crittenden County Middle School. The mission of Crittenden County Middle School’s Council is to set school policies and make decisions that will provide an environment to improve student achievement and which will enable the teachers to impact the educational process.    


All parents/guardians and Crittenden County Middle School community members are invited to attend the open council meetings.  All meetings are announced through the local news media.


The purpose of the school council is to enact school policies to provide an environment to enhance student achievement and to help the school meet the goals established by the Kentucky Education Reform Act. The council is a policy making body which adopts policies to be implemented by the principal. KRS 160.345(2)(j).  The principal serves as the primary administrator and instructional leader of the school and with the assistance of the total school staff, administers the policies established by the school council and the local board. KRS 160.345(2)(c). 


The SBDM Council is composed of two parent members, three teachers, and the principal.  


2019- 2020 Council Members


Kara Turley                     Chairperson

Kenley McNamara        Teacher Member

Bryan Qualls                   Teacher Member

Ryan Cowsert                 Teacher Member

Rashelle Perryman       Parent Member

Johnny Newcom            Parent Member