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Rules & Regulations

Our School Locker

The central purpose of the school system is to educate each student to the highest level possible.  To support the success of the educational program, the Crittenden County School Board directs employees to hold each student accountable to code standards in a fair manner.  Compliance with the standards is necessary to provide: orderly operations of the schools; a safe environment for students to achieve at a high academic level in a productive learning environment; assistance for students at-risk of failure or engaging in disruptive behavior; regular attendance of students; and protection of property.     


This code applies to all students in the district while at school, on their way to and from school, while on the bus or other district vehicle, and while they are participating in school-sponsored trips and activities.  The Superintendent/designee is responsible for administration throughout the district.  The principal is responsible for administration and implementation of this code within his/her school in a uniform and fair manner without partiality or discrimination.


The Student Handbook and the Crittenden County Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline are the foundations for our school rules and policies. These rules serve as the framework to ensure a safe, orderly, and educational environment for students. Our school policies and procedures pertaining to students during the school day and various school events are found in these handbooks. We hope these documents will give students and parents a better insight into our school. They can serve as a ready answer to many of your questions; so we ask that you read it carefully with your child and discuss the contents.